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* Please read all of the Matchmaker Requirements Below. All matchmakers must abide by these requirements.
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Matchmaker Agreement & Guidelines
   Please read and click all the below bylaws of the website

 You must be married to be a matchmaker.

 You must commit a minimum of 3 hours per week to the website.

 Any deviation from the website's bylaws, must be done with the approval of the Sephardic connection administration.  Otherwise, this is  considered a violation of both halacha and law. 

 The matchmaker has the option of getting to know the members either by phone or in person or check all their references.

 you may contact us if you need training on the use of the website.

 Effort should be put in networking and communicating with other matchmakers on the site. 

 All information on the site is private and confidential and may not be shared with anyone outside of the website.

 Matches can only be made with the members of the website.  please refrain from making matches of members with non members.


Please be advised that by accepting the above terms to be matchmaker for SEPHARDIC CONNECTION you are being trusted with peoples personal information. All information is to be kept stictly confidential to protect the singles who are trusting us to help them. Under NO circumstances, may the information be shared with or viewed by any person other than you. We are looking forward to many smachot with YOUR help!


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